Krysten Vonk

I am passionate about designing holistic customer experiences that consider all channels and touchpoints.

Designing customer experiences means gaining an understanding of how customers view the world. You must understand their thoughts, needs and goals. Then consider the goals of the business to uncover how they can fit together. A combination is required to design successful and delightful experiences.

Implementing successful experiences requires understanding how a business delivers value, their key drivers and strategic goals. Then you can help the business develop the right channels, tools, processes and capabilities to deliver the end experience.

Helping businesses balance their users' needs with business goals is what really excites me. I have a naturally curious and analytical mind, which helps me when gathering the needs of end users and business stakeholders. Previous experience with multidisciplinary teams from user research to product launches has given me a deep appreciation for a lean, iterative development process.

In my business analysis work, I've always focused on being customer-centric and working towards business outcomes. This has easily translated into my product owner and customer experience roles. In these roles, I facilitated user testing, customer journey mapping workshops, and wireframing sessions.

I am Krysten Vonk, and I am a user experience designer and strategist from Auckland, New Zealand.

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  • Ability to think from the users perspective - I make sure user needs are the driving force behind all activities and decisions
  • Experience with analysing user insights, developing user journeys, creating storyboards and facilitating usability testing
  • Pragmatic and results-focused; driven to manage projects to completion
  • Able to lead a team to achieve successful results as well as be part of a team
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Strong problem-solving and analytical skills
  • Experience with the SCRUM methodology in a Product Owner role


UX Designer - Freelance

UX/IA Designer - MediaMonks

Crafting the blueprints of digital campaigns, e-commerce sites and apps that deliver awesome experiences.
Through understanding user goals, the 'why' and business outcomes; I take creative concepts and mold them into great user journeys and interfaces. view more

Head of Digital Care (acting) - Spark Ventures

Lead a successful customer operations team and developed client relationships
I was responsible for the team's financial performance and the development of growth opportunities with internal and external business ventures. I also made key strategic customer experience decisions in the customer service area. view more

Managed the on boarding and development of new, pre-launch ventures
In addition to leading the customer operations team, I was involved in project work with on boarding new ventures. I lead a project team of Business Analysts and a Trainer to develop the business processes needed to serve their customers through the customer operations team. view more

Customer Experience Manager - Spark Ventures

Designed the end-to-end customer experience for a pre-commercial launch business
I designed the end-to-end customer experience and operations process flow for the naked broadband venture This included facilitating customer journey mapping workshops and lead to being a key part of the implementation process. I was involved in UX testing, branding, building the customer operations team and collaborating with the development team. view more

Established, managed and grew the customer operations team
I established and lead a team of 12 to deliver all customer touchpoints related to sales, use and billing for multiple ventures within Spark Ventures as a shared service. The team achieved measurable success through a social media rating system on Facebook (4 stars) and an extremely high Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Key activities:
- established customer service quality standards
- developed operations policies and procedures
- handled any customer escalations
- established a coaching structure with regular goal setting for the team
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Developed and implemented a shared services operating model
I lead the implementation primarily through my role as manager for the customer operations team. This gave me the opportunity to be involved in all ventures that were in various maturity stages from proof of concept development to product/market fit. This resulted in new ventures being able to leverage a large team during initial stages of low volumes. view more

Lead the implementation of customer operations initiatives
I acted in a 'product owner' role for the customer operations team. I created, prioritised and implemented customer service initiatives with an agile framework using SCRUM methodology. I developed the customer operations business, setting the business vision and goals. view more

Facilitated user testing for new businesses
I facilitated 12 user experience tests of websites and a smart TV app for new Spark business with a web based, digital product. This resulted in a set of recommendations for the business' commercial launch. view more

Senior Consultant - Davanti Consulting

Lead analysis of billing system and process enhancement requirements
I defined, documented and captured business requirements for the implementation of a CRM and billing system change, that required business process changes to ensure success. I also oversaw the development and lead a testing team through robust User Acceptance Testing. This effort ensured the successful merger of a large asset pool into a smaller utilities business. view more

Designed the end to end customer experience for a pre-commercial launch business
Described fully above.

Consultant - Davanti Consulting

Analysed industry practices to inform the development of invoice design
I researched competitor examples to establish models that customers would be used to. Then helped to iteratively develop and refine the invoice design to ensure maximum usability and transparency of calculation. view more

Developed a content prototype with users and a knowledge management process for that content
I developed a content prototype and user guide for contact centre knowledge base articles from end user feedback. I developed a process to manage the creation and update of the knowledge content so that it could continue to be improved by the organisation for front line end users. view more

Gathered and analysed business and user requirements for process and system improvements
I defined, documented and captured business requirements across seven disparate business units and 3 management levels for a CRM and billing system change. This enabled the business to increase their workload by 4 fold, without the need for a corresponding increase in staff. view more

Analysed digital channel best practices for digital marketing strategy
I analysed best practice research to inform the digital channel strategy recommendations for the digital business unit of a large telecommunications company. This resulted in the business unit having a clearly defined focus for their digital strategy. view more

Created a new Initiative process and framework
I created an internal process and framework for new initiatives within a large government organisation, working with key business stakeholders to understand requirements. The outcome of this project was communication material to promote the new process, raising awareness, and encouraging internal staff to use it. view more


University of Waikato
Bachelor of Management Studies with First Class Honours
Marketing & International Management

Maastricht University
Bachelor of International Business, Marketing and Strategy